Potential Research Areas and Topics

Named Entity Recognition

  • Recognition and annotation of personal information (names, addresses, etc.) in German-language health records
  • Recognition and annotation of medical information (drugs, diseases, symptoms, etc.) in German-language health records

Information Security Knowledge Management

  • Research on current information security knowledge management practices
  • Extension of the web-based Security Ontology editor (prototype development)

Security Ontology Research

  • Ontological representation of software vulnerabilities
  • Mapping information security standards to the security ontology

Organizational Process
If you are interested in one or more topics write me an e-mail. In summer term 2011 I am offering the following courses at the Vienna University of Technology:

188.167 Seminar (mit Bachelorarbeit)
188.414 Informatikpraktikum 1
188.392 Projektpraktikum