Security Ontology Engineering Challenges

On August 23, 2012 we conducted the first international workshop on security ontologies and taxonomies at the ARES 2012 conference in Prague. In two sessions the latest security ontology research results were presented and the following overall challenges were identified by the workshop participants:

– Reaching critical mass of content
– Motivation of partners/contributors
– Quality management
– Usability
– Funding
– Community support
– APIs
– Technology (SemanticWiki, WebProtege, etc.)
– Joining/merging ontologies
– Data representation (OWL, etc.)
– Overview of current activities/ontologies

The list shows the main challenges active security ontology researchers are currently facing and thereby provides guidance for a structured and collaborative effort to advance the security ontology research field. We encourage all interested researchers and practitioners to extend/modify/discuss the posted challenges list and provide us with feedback regarding their progress in the field. Please see the security ontologies group at!forum/security-ontologies for further details.